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My name is Jamad Fiin and I am currently a Muslim college basketball player. I started basketball at a young age and had to push myself to get better every single day. When I grew up, I had no one I could look up to or even ask for advice on challenges of being a Muslim girl and playing basketball, so I had to do everything myself. I decided to continue playing basketball while wearing my headscarf, because I did not want to give up on something I love.

It was a very tough journey and I refuse to let the younger girls go through the struggles I went through.

This is why I started Jamad Basketball Camps because I wanted young girls growing up to know that they should always stay true to themselves, and to never let society tell them that they can’t achieve something because they dress differently because at the end of the day, I want people to judge them based on their skills rather than their looks and how they dress.

I live in Boston and I am the senior captain for Emmanuel College. I am also the captain of the Somalia Women’s National Basketball team and have participated in FIBA tournaments in Uganda and Dubai. Since I started my journey many young girls have told me how they were inspired by my camps and videos and that when they saw that I played with my headscarf, they were able to show their parents that there was someone who looked like them who could both play sports and be a Muslim girl. I want girls around the World to know that their religion or culture should not stop them from doing something that they love to do.

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