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Growing Up As A Muslim Basketball Player

When I was younger, every game, every practice, every basketball tournament, I was the only one who looked different. I knew my scarf would place the utmost attention on me while on the court, so therefore I could not perform terribly. Everyday that I practiced I went hard, and I promised myself that I would not disappoint my religion and that I will set an example for younger Muslim girls in my community to have the courage to play the sport they love, while being sincere to themselves and to their religion. We as Muslim women have to be great because all eyes are on us. We have to stand out because of our skill level not because of the way we dress. We have to prove to everyone watching us that Muslim girls can hoop too! I have been feautured on Overtime, a social media powerhouse for youth in sports after many viral basketball videos that I have posted on my social media pages. My videos have over 50 million views combined and they can be found on my social media pages, like instagram, twitter and tiktok.

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1 Comment

Apr 21, 2021

Hey just wanted to say that you're the most inspiring person ever I look up to you. You have encouraged me to black basketball again (i played it when I was in 6th grade and love it but I felt different from everyone else because I was the only hijabi/Muslim. But now I feel more comfortable with my hijab and I really want to visit your camp, but it's very far from me. Can you please do a camp in Jersey City, New Jersey? There's a lot of Muslim hijabi girls where I live and they're really good at playing.

Thank you for being the best may God bless you and your family.

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