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Jamad Basketball Camps

In 2018 I started free basketball camps for young girls in different cities to help motivate them and boost their confidence. I was able to travel to different cities in the United States and do basketball camps for young Muslim girls who love to play basketball. I was able to teach and enhance their skills while providing them with tips on how to improve themselves daily as people off the court as well. The first official camp was in Columbus, Ohio in April 2019 during spring break. Since it was very successful I did another camp in Minneapolis, Minnesota in July during Somali week. I was able to do a weekend camp there and I was able to accommodate about 55-60 girls. The third official camp took place in Toronto during December break and was located at the OVO Centre, where the NBA team, Toronto Raptors practice. About 40 girls of all ages came to show support and participate in the camp. This was put together by my friend and I, Aubrey Graham, better know as Drake because he wanted the girls in Toronto to have the opportunity to come out and play some hoops! I have also done camps with my college teammates and Somali National Team teammates in Ohio and Boston this past summer as well in 2020. Even though for most of them it was their first time playing, they fell in love with basketball and always and still continue to ask me how to get better every single day. Some of the girls now have started up their own girls program where they travel and practice together, and I want more girls from different cities to do this as well!

Toronto Camp (2019)

Minneapolis Camp(2019)

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Ohio Camp/Tournament(2020)

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Boston Camp(2020)

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